Take Charge Today

"To feel successful we need to love ourselves"

Want to Improve your life?

My name is Crystal Barr and I am a fitness professional. I want to show you how to have fun and maintain your fitness level through life.

Have you started a fitness program or set nutritional goals only to fall short. Have you been left injured, bored and in the end beating yourself up feeling defeated. This does not have to be the story anymore. It is not potential you're lacking rather motivation, support, and top leading fitness knowledge.

Reaching your fitness goals is not just about lifting a few weights or performing hours of mind numbing cardio. Results come when you learn the foundation of each movement. You can go through the motions and not once actually engage the muscles that should be targeted! We always focus on injury prevention, through our dynamic strength and conditioning programs.

When you train with Take Charge Fit To go a program is never started without performing a thorough fitness analysis. You can’t start a program until you truly know what you are dealing with.

Now is the time to realize your inner potential and strength. We will lead you toward a better quality of life while changing your body and mind set.

When you decide to take control of your own life you will create a ripple effect that will be passed along to each generation and that is priceless.

You are the only person that can make a positive change to a new healthy you! “Take Charge”, this is the beginning to a new and improved balanced lifestyle incorporating Body, Mind and Soul.


As of November 1st Take Charge Fit To Go will no longer be selling personal training packages. Due to our increasing client base and limited time slots this change will be positive for our clients and trainer. Monthly memberships will keep clients accountable for scheduled appointments while keeping them on track with fitness goals.
We will be switching over to Monthly memberships, each client will choose how many times a month they would like to work out. For example clients that work out twice a week will have a total of 8 sessions a month that is paid on the first of each month, by email transfer, cash or cheque. If a client needs to reschedule their appointment due to prior appointments, illness, ext., those sessions must be made up within the month or the session fee will be lost.

Please note 24-hour cancelation is mandatory for any cancelation or you will be charged for a session. There are a few exceptions such as illness, sick children ext. (I have to walk my dog, will not cut it J)

Of course any session that is canceled due to trainer illness also will be made up within the month as well. Looking forward to training with you soon.